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Utility Consumption Monitoring

Plant heads need to keep eye on top line as well as bottom line. Important part of Bottom line is resource consumption in terms of Gas consumption, Energy consumption.


Our utility consumption solution focuses on generating intuitive dashboard and visualizations to measure consumables.


This precisely helps you to identify which machine, Production line is consuming more utility than it should be.


Key Features

Reports and Dashboards-01.png

 Reports and Dashboards

Hourly, Shiftwise, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Utility Consumption Monitoring.



Alarm widgets to instantly notify users and/or operators about any critical events or unusual consumption levels; Alerts & Alarms via SMS, E-mails.

Data Visualization-01.png

Data Visualization

Visualize the collected data such as totaliser functions in case of Flow monitoring. For Energy monitoring collect and visualize Min, Max, Average, Peak, Total Consumption.

Access Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device-01.png

Access Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Accessible via Desktops, Cell Phones & Tablets

Connectivity with Field Instruments-01.png

Connectivity with Field Instruments

Collect data from Flow meters & Energy meters using different connectivity methods. Interface with already existing Flowmeters and PLCs. 


Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

 Identify excess resource consumption by Machine or Production line.

Respond without Delay

Real Time Data Availability : Anytime, Anywhere


Gas Consumption-01.png

Gas Consumption

High Consumption Hours-01.png

Determine High Consumption Hours

Energy Consumption-01.png

Energy Consumption

Down-Time Periods-01.png

Determine Down-Time Periods

Fuel Consumption-01-01.png

Fuel Consumption

Unusual Demand Peaks-01.png

Determine Unusual Demand Peaks

Water Consumption-01.png

Water Consumption

Demands Information-01.png

Get Peak Demands Information



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Ready to reduce your Utility Bills?

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