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Fourth I - Factory Digitalization Platform

Equipment/Process Monitoring

Fourth I is leading Industry 4.0 platform for Factory Digitalization. By Connecting Equipment / CNC-VMC Machines / Conventional machines to the communication controllers, we can retrieve signals from the Equipment seamlessly and continuously. This helps to monitor live production from the equipment.  


Compare Planned vs Actual Production in real-time, identify production bottlenecks and monitor OEE. It's a powerful way to improve production efficiency in terms of Equipment, People, and Processes.

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Key Features

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Equipment Connectivity

Connect to Equipment through its PLCs. Connect to CNC Machines or Conventional machines, Press breaks, Grinders, Bending Machines, etc through Industry-standard protocols and get the Part count and Utilization signals. No violation of Machine warranty.

Downtime Analysis.png

Downtime Analysis

Have clarity on the top reasons for the equipment downtime across the plant. Helps to focus on the most critical issues to improve the plant efficiency. Implement initiatives and revalidate the effectiveness of the same.

Real-time Production Monitoring.png

Real-time Production Monitoring

Monitor Production continuously in real-time. Compare planned vs Actual Production on a real-time basis. Access this data from anywhere in the factory, or from outside the network with VPN connectivity.

On-Premise as well as Cloud.png

On-Premise as well as Cloud

The platform can be deployed on-premise, very much in control of your IT departments, following all its policies. It can be deployed on the cloud to take advantage of the robustness, performance, and high availability of the cloud servers.

OEE Performance.png

OEE Performance

Monitor OEE - Machine Availability, Performance, and Quality in real-time for each Machine. No more manual data collection and delayed reports. Have historical OEE data available all time. 


Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

Equipment monitoring gives accurate and real-time production information, helping you to rebalance lines to achieve production targets.

Respond without Delay

Entire shop floor - operators to management gets benefit from the real-time data. Identify production bottlenecks and take action immediately. No more delayed responses.

Display Important KPIs

View Equipment status live on any device - TV, laptop, tablets, mobile. Displaying key production data helps to trace production progress the entire day and meet production targets.

No Manual Data Entry and Reporting

Manual data entry is time-consuming and error-prone. Equipment monitoring automatically collects data and provides a single source of truth. No more spending time on collecting data for reporting. Have automated reports based on live and accurate data.

Data-Driven shop floor culture

Industry 4.0 is the future direction of the Industry to get a competitive advantage. The entire basis of Industry 4.0 is- taking decisions making based on real-time and accurate data. Machine monitoring helps to develop the data-driven shopfloor culture.

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Ready to improve Shop Floor Efficiency?

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