Our Vision

To leverage Technology and Engineering knowledge for the benefit of the Industry, the employees of the company and most importantly for the society.

We work in an environment where our individual energies are synchronized and our collective efforts are magnification of individual capabilities, bringing resonating effect! Hence, we are – Resonating Mindz!

Our Inspirations

We derive inspiration from Nicole Tesla – the greatest engineer the earth has ever produced. May the technology and engineering work we will do have some reflection of his genius.

Quality, Precision and Excellence

We also derive inspiration from ‘German way of working’ – focus on Quality, Precision and excellence. 

Inspiration L and T

We admire companies like L&T who do real Engineering work at very large scale in various industries like Power, heavy engineering, Defence, Manufacturing etc.

We admire Apple for his unique abilities to build highly appealing products and bringing them to the market in innovative ways.

Our Organizational Principles:


Provide Value:

Work for Customer success, work with problem solving attitude. Exceed expectations



Think for everyone around. Peers, Seniors, Juniors, Customer team, External collaborators. We are all connected. We are the TEAM.


 Quality and Completeness:

Do everything with Quality, with Thoroughness and Completeness, First Time right


Operate Lean

Be efficient, Optimise the cost, Reduce organisational hierarchies.



Be thankful to the life for everything we have today.

Our Team

Avinash Manerahimatpurkar

CEO and Lead Engineer

Avinash is having 19+ years of Industry experience in PLM, Banking and Insurance domain. Avinash is Post Graduate Mechanical Engineer and done M. Tech. from IIT Bombay. He has filed Patent on the topic – ‘Efficient batch processing in a multi-tier application’

Harsh Chauhan

Lead Technology Evangelist

Harsh is a Technology Evangelist and Expert in the field of Web and Enterprise applications, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Enterprise Mobility. Harsh is an active contributor to society with many government/personal initiatives for Children and Women

Our Base

Resonating Mindz is sister Concern company of SteepGraph Systems Private Limited

SteepGraph Systems specializes in 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Solutions and Services. It's a trusted and sought after Service Provider Partner of Dassault Systèmes.