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Leverage our domain and technology expertize for your Industry 4.0 initiatives

IoT/AI-ML based Smart Industrial Equipment/Machinery

Objective is to make your Equipment/Machinery SMART using IoT, AI/ML Technologies. We become extension of your R&D team and support you with our expertise on IoT, AI, ML, Analytics.

- IoT Device Hardware Design : Concept to Manufacturing
- Software Design : Firmware, RTOS, Linux, Android
- Server-side application Development and Analytics
- Mobile App development

Smart City/Industry Solutions : AMR Solution

Custom Development of  AMR for Water and GAS Metering solution. Retrofitted to existing available GAS meters


  • Development of  AMR for GAS , Water meter, based on Ultrasonic sensing

  • Hardware and firmware development

  • Server side Application /Widgets Development

  • Complete wireless Battery operated construct

Benefit : Accurate measurement of Water/Gas meter brings reliability and accountability in terms of expenditure

OEM ODM Custom IoT Device Development

We build custom device based on the requirements specified. Both T&M and fixed price model are supported.

  • Hardware Design: Concept to Manufacturing

  • Software Design: Firmware, RTOS, Linux, Android

  • Server-side application Development

  • Mobile App development

Predictive Maintenance  of Industrial Equipment/Machinery

Predictive Maintenance  of Industrial Equipment/Machinery

We Provide AI-ML Expert Services for Predictive Maintenance

Key Use cases:

  • Predictive Maintenance of Critical Industrial Equipment

  • Predicting Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of a component

  • Diagnose Faults in an Industrial Equipment


  • Collect Experimental data [Customer Responsibility]

  • Model Selection

  • Perform Simulation and collect Simulation data

  • Residue Feature Extraction

  • Identify feature separating each type of failure

IoT for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Fleet Management

Track, analyze and optimize your fleet operations with a smart IoT based solution.

Key features:

  • Real time location of the Vehicles in single screen

  • Traffic and Weather monitoring

  • Identification of Best Route Path in case of Potential disruption

  • Vehicle and Cargo security

  • Environment sensing

  • Fuel cost and Liability control through reduced speeding, idling,

  • Pre and post trip notifications

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