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Shopfloor Machine Monitoring

IoT Solutions for your Industry 4.0 Intiatives

Lower Maintainance Cost

Fix when fail is really expensive approach. The reasons for machine downtimes are the internal faults. These are virtually impossible to trace without use of Predictive Maintenance technique. The investment in machine monitoring and predictive maintaince are worthwhile for reliable operations.

Maximizing Production Output

Faulty machinary and broken components seriously affect potantial profits margins. It affects delivery schedule and agreement with clients. With condition monitoring, you can maximize your production output and meet your deadlines.

Increase in lifespan of Machinary

With condition monitoring, overheating, wear and tear are well taken care in a timely manner, lengthening the machine life span. Well monitored and maintained machine gives good service for longer time and also increases resale value.

equipment monitoring device

Key Features

Simple connectivity IoT Device

Simple Connectivity

  • Supports connectivity to CNCs and PLCs including Mitsubishi, Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Fanuc, Delta, Allen-Bradely, opto22, etc

  • Supports MTConnect, OPC-UA, modbus connectivity

  • For legacy machines, support digital and analog I/O

Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning Device

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

On the collected data from machine monitoring, the platform applies machine learning and predictive analytics to determine actionable insights to maximize OEE

Reporting IoT Device

Dashboards & Reports

The solution perfoms analytics and provides Reports such as :

  •     Job and Operator Performance

  •     OEE

  •     Machine Utilization

  •     Cycle Analysis

  •     Down time history

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