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Industrial Motor Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Improve Reliability of your Critical Equipments

Minimizes Downtime and Reduces Defects

Avoids unplanned outages, minimizes downtime, works safer. Enables proactive, cost optimized maintenance activities. Catastrophic failures are avoided resulting in reduced number of defects.

Extends life of the Motor

By detecting and notifying the issues regarding the Motors, Condition Monitoring  enables you to proactively correct issues before Motors are damaged. This preserves the health and extends the life of your assets.

Optimizes your Maintenance Processes

Your staff focuses on Motors only when they need maintenance and can  perform other tasks. By intervening only when Motor maintenance is really required, you have reduced maintenance activities, still maintaining high availability and reliability of the Motors.


Key Features

IoT solutions provider

Monitoring and Prediction of Faults

  • Monitors all Motors of your Production Process all the time. Provides Web Interface and Mobile app.

  • Predict faults before they occur and send notification on Mobile and Web

  • Covers all major components of the Motor - rotor, stator, shaft, bearings, brushes or slip

IoT Device easy installation

Ease of Installation

  • Can be installed on any Motor - new or old motor.

  • Takes only 5 minutes.

  • Even with Motor running.

Wireless Communication of IoT Device

Wireless Communication

  • No wires required for the sensors.

  • Its Battery operated with battery lasting for more than 1 Year.

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